Teaching good sportsmanship, strategy, and math!

The RMDA is looking to mentor and teach kids great life skills through the fun game of darts. If interested, please contact Aaron Ray or any of the RMDA board members for more information. Please view code of conduct for all youth AND BE SURE TO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK.

Our Youth Director

Aaron Espinoza

Youth Director

Aaron and his son Shane are well known in the local dart community. He is the new youth director for the RMDA. More to come soon!!! KEEP YOUR eyes open for events on Facebook

Snowman Scurry winners...
Snowman Scurry players...

1st. Place - Shane Espinoza/Corey Kennedy

2nd. Place - Tyler Stewart/Stacy Rodriguez

3rd. Place - Kiera Stewart/Mark Stewart

“Join us for the next Youth Shoot! Stay tuned at www.rmda.org, or like us on Facebook for future events!"

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