1. Only RMDA members in good standing and approved guests may participate in RMDA activities.

2. League players must be 21 years of age prior to any league participation, unless prior authorization from RMDA Board of Directors has been granted. 3. The RMDA Board of Directors has the right to refuse a person for membership.


Associate Memberships are available for those wanting to participate in RMDA events, but not participate in league play. The cost of an Associate membership is $20.00 and is valid from January through December of each year.

Individual membership fees for team members are as follows: Season Membership is $45.00, valid for the season that is currently in session. 2. Annual Membership $70.00, Annual memberships starts with the Spring season and ends with the Fall season.

Fees must be received by the Statistician by the deadline date for registration.

Payment methods 1. Online at the league website,, with a credit card. 2. Checks, payable to RMDA, can be delivered to an RMDA board member or hand delivered to the statistician. Please indicate, on the check, which player(s) fees are being paid. b. A $25.00 fee will be applied for any returned checks. If the returned check is for membership fees, the player that the funds were intended for will be considered an ineligible player. That player will be notified and will have one (1) week to provide CERTIFIED FUNDS to cover the amount requested by the RMDA or all points earned by the player will be awarded to the other team(s). i. Members of teams that are delinquent in fees and fines shall not be permitted to participate in any RMDA event. In addition, they shall not be permitted to participate in succeeding seasons until such fees are paid in full. All members of a team are responsible for UNPAID MEMBERSHIP FEES. If dues are not current, points earned by unpaid players will be deducted from the team’s standings and awarded to the opposing team(s) they were earned against. 3. Cash can be hand delivered to an RMDA board member or the statistician. Documentation of the player(s) being paid for must be included. 4.2.4. RMDA membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable once a paid player has thrown darts in an official RMDA match.