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If you wish to vote online, please fill out the form below. Registration will close at 8am August 9 (Friday).

Online voting will open up Friday, August 9 at 12pm and close Saturday, August 10 at 1pm. Emails will go out for online voting when it opens.

Your email MUST match the one we have on file to help prevent multiple submissions. If you aren’t sure please contact us directly to verify prior to filling out this form.

Once online voting has opened, you will be sent a special link to your email address. You will have until voting closes to submit your votes. The link will allow only one submission, you cannot go back and change your answers.

You will be able to write in a candidate of your choosing for the positions on your online ballot. However, please make sure they want to run for a board position.

Online voting will close at 5pm Saturday so please make sure you are watching your email. We will be sending out a reminder email just prior to voting opening up.

**ONCE ONLINE VOTING HAS BEGUN YOU CANNOT VOTE IN PERSON** If you change your mind and wish to vote in person you must contact us directly prior to 12pm Friday so we can remove your name from the list. Once emails have been sent out we will not be able to see who has and hasn’t voted so we will not be able to pull your ballot.

Every effort has been made to achieve anonymity for the votes. Nobody associated with the board, members of the RMDA, the webmaster, or anyone outside of the RMDA will have access to your choices. However, just as with any system, failures, breeches, errors, and mistakes can happen. The system has been tested extensively to ensure this will not happen but please acknowledge below your understanding of this disclaimer.