2 years (August 1 to July 31)

By the General Membership (Even numbered years)

Familiarity with Microsoft Word or equivalent software

General Description:
The Secretary will record the minutes of all meetings, handle correspondence and distribute all meeting notices.  This position shall be designated as one of the four executive officers of the Board and is entitled to one vote.


  • Represent RMDA in a manner befitting a Board member.
  • Have full knowledge of RMDA rules and have said rules readily available.
  • Attend all scheduled meetings:
    • Monthly Board meetings
    • Grievance/Appeal meetings
    • Executive Board meetings
    • General meetings/Awards banquets
  • Keep accurate, complete minutes of all meetings
    • Presents minutes to the Board no later than 1 week after meeting for approval.
    • Make necessary changes and forward for posting on the website.
  • Facilitate the scheduling of meetings
    • Notify appropriate establishment of meeting time to ensure availability for Board meetings
    • When a special meeting is called by the Board, facilitate arrangements for scheduling meeting location
    • Maintain meeting agenda and forward to President before meeting
    • Keep track of unfinished/tabled board business
    • Contact neutral captains for appeals meeting when needed
  • Maintain all correspondence
    • Prepare any correspondence within 72 hours of a Board decision
    • Prepare any documentation as requested by the Board
  • Develop pertinent discussion items from Board Meetings needed to be communicated to membership:
    • Posted on website to keep membership informed.
    • Used as a forum to notify membership of upcoming discussion items for Board meetings
  • Keep and store all RMDA records, including
    • Database back-ups received from Statistician monthly
    • All Meeting minutes, protests, petitions and grievances
    • All RMDA contracts
  • Represent Board at all City Cup matches, unless otherwise designated
  • Notify Board in a timely manner of any problem or potential problem that may have occurred or may occur:
    • Forward protests, petitions and/or grievances to appropriate board member(s).
  • Respond to communications appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Represent players’ best interests while adhering to RMDA rules.
  • Actively participate on 1 RMDA committee.