ADO Representative

1 year (August 1 to July 31) 

Annually by the Board 

General Description:
The RMDA ADO Representative acts as a liaison between the RMDA and the ADO Regional Director.  All correspondence from the ADO will be directed to the ADO Representative. This position is not entitled to a vote.


  • Represent RMDA in a manner befitting a Board member.
  • Have full knowledge of ADO and RMDA rules and have said rules readily available.
  • Uphold ADO Rules and Policies:
    • Bring any issues of conflicting rules to the attention of the Board.
    • Work with the Tournament Committee to ensure that ADO rules are followed at tournaments.
    • Work with the Tournament Committee to ensure that all open tournaments with total prize money of $1000 or more are ADO sanctioned.
  • Attend scheduled meetings:
    • Monthly Board meetings
    • General meetings/Awards banquets
  • Provide ADO information to the Board and Membership
    • Winners of qualifiers, regionals and nationals
    • RMDA ADO Qualifier Schedules
    • Double Eagle Publication/ADO Tournament Calendar
  • Ensure timely reporting to the ADO Office
    • Tournament Reporting
    • Special Awards, ie, 180’s, 9hits, etc.
    • Tournament Calendar
  • Ensure timely renewal of the RMDA’s affiliation with the ADO
  • Schedule RMDA qualifiers in a timely manner for each ADO play-off series
    • Ensure a member of the ADO Team is available to run each qualifier
    • Promote qualifiers
  • Keep track of all players qualified and how much of the Regional entry fee they have earned.
    • Posted on website to keep membership informed.
  • Report to the Regional Director in a timely manner
    • Number of players competing in the Regional
    • Supply check from RMDA for Regional Entry Fees
  • Respond to communications appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Represent players’ best interests while adhering to RMDA and ADO rules.