Please fill out the form below to register as a Player for the upcoming RMDA season. Your information needs be filled out completely, all required fields are marked with a “*”.    

• RMDA Numbers are lifetime.    

• Team members must throw on or before week 8 to be a part of your team.

Associate Membership: You can purchase an Associate Membership to play in T to T and RMDA member only events. This is recommended to purchase if you are not actively playing league but allows you to still participate in T to T and collect points towards your T to T check. For more info on T to T click here. If you decide to play league after purchasing an Associate membership the $20 will be deducted from your league fee (either $35 or $50) depending on if paying for a season or annual.

Membership fees are as follows:    

• Season Membership: $35, valid for one season only.    

• Annual Membership: $50, valid for Fall – Spring (yearly membership).

• Associate Membership: $20, valid for one year.

Other Fees: To pay sponsorship fees, partial payments, and any other fees, click here.