Tournament Committee

The tournament committee usually meets once per month and discusses upcoming tournaments and plans new tournaments. They discuss locations, events held at each tournament, and everything that needs finalized for a tournament to be successful. Interested to find out more?

New Membership Committee

Want to help the league grow? Have ideas how to gain new members or bring back old members? This is the league for you. Click below to find out more.

Banquet Committee

Want to help plan when and where the next banquet should be held? What food should be served? The after banquet blind draws? Have new ideas for the banquet? Click below to find out more.

Rules Committee

Want to help review and update the league rules? Have ideas for new rules, or think some rules need to be changed? This is the committee for you, click below to find out more.

Awards Committee

Want to help pick out end of the season awards? Have new ideas for awards? Click below to learn more.