Register your Full Format Team

This is for Fall Full Team registrations. Click here for the doubles format team.

Registration Guidelines

Last day to register for the Spring full season is TBD. Captain’s meetings are the week of TBD and play starts the week of TBD.

1. You must have a minimum of 4 (max. of 7) valid players listed on your roster. Criteria to be ‘valid’ are:    

  • New or RMDA member in good standing, at least 21 years of age, eligible to play at the requested level.    
  • Season or Annual membership fees paid.

**Please don’t list players on the roster that will not be paid at time of registration.**
If players have not paid by the first match, they will NOT be allowed to throw until they are paid in full.

2. Sponsoring Establishments must be approved by the RMDA before your roster can be accepted.

It is the captain’s responsibility to confirm with the sponsoring establishment that they have room on the night you are playing – please reach out to your bar contact to confirm. 

  • Teams may not change Sponsoring Establishments(Home Bar) during the regular season, unless directed or approved by the RMDA Board.
  • Sponsoring Establishment are $50 per team for the Fall season 2023.

3. Team names must be 20 characters or less and cannot be vulgar, lewd or offensive in content or connotation. Team names will not be changed after schedules have been printed.

4. Full team member information needs be filled out completely (Don’t just list names – emails are important to be added to dartconnect).

  • RMDA Numbers are lifetime. If a team member is new to the RMDA, enter ‘new’ in the RMDA number field.    
  • Team members must throw on or before week 8 to be a part of your team and eligible for playoffs.

5. League fees are $45 for a single season if you did not pay for a full year in the spring.


*Depending on the number of teams registered for each division; RMDA reserves the move teams up or down based on skill level. 

**If you receive an error or feel your registration didn’t go through, please contact Charles via text at 303-720-9960 or email us at**